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''Sad Money'' encapsulates more than just streetwear; It is something we have lived with for the majority of our lives without a complete understanding of what is wrong with us mentally and emotionally.

As living products of [SAD MONEY], we have created our own way to cope with this inexplicable feeling of sadness, and we strive to influence like-minded individuals.

Our goal is to get people to connect with the [SAD MONEY] movement;
It is important to make people aware that it is okay to not be okay, and that conversations about such sensitive matters can be more openly discussed.

With that being said, we hope to create a community of people who can support one another without prejudices from others who do not understand what it's like to live with [SAD MONEY] mental illnesses.

The concept of Sad Money means something different to everyone, but one thing is certain: We all understand it.

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"Sad Money", an expression of our inability to express ourselves.

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